What helps with pelvic obliquity

A pelvic obliquity occurs when the legs are of different lengths. One hip joint is then higher than the other. This difference in leg length can be caused by an accident or an illness or it can be congenital and anatomical. One then speaks of a real leg length difference. It can also be a functional difference in leg length caused by muscle tension or poor posture. Since the pelvis is carried by the legs, it adapts to them and becomes crooked with different leg lengths.

If the pelvis is crooked, this does not always have to be disadvantageous or cause direct symptoms. The body subconsciously compensates for small leg length differences and asymmetries. However, the pelvic tilt can also lead to symptoms that you would not associate with it at first.

If the pelvis is crooked, the flexible spine first tries to compensate for this. The back is always able to compensate for small differences in length. However, if there is a large difference in length between the legs, the spine bends sideways – especially in young people. This scoliotic malposition can lead to extremely painful low back pain, signs of wear and tear, herniated discs, but also to muscle tension with headaches and sensory disorders.

If you suspect you have pelvic misalignment due to muscular tension and pain, there are physical clues you can test and recognize yourself. The diagnosis of pelvic obliquity must still be confirmed by the chiropractor or physician.

Stand undressed in front of a mirror that completely depicts your body. If you notice that one hip bone is higher than the other or that one leg is more bent and loaded, these can be indications of a pelvic misalignment. Viewed from behind, a laterally curved spine or different raised shoulder blades can indicate a pelvic obliquity. A pronounced hollow back or a very straight spine with flat buttocks are signs of a pelvis tilted too far forwards or backwards.

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