What can you do about neck and back pain?

For many people, chronic neck and back pain is a well-known and tiresome issue. This is not surprising: the rigid posture while sitting for hours at work damages the body.

In most cases, back or neck pain is an acute problem. However, if the back pain occurs more frequently and for longer periods and has not subsided after twelve weeks, there is a risk that the pain will become chronic. Unfortunately, this is nothing new for many people. In addition, back pain increases with age. Unless you counteract it.

Psychosomatic disorders usually occur when you have too long periods of stress. Such psychological back pain usually affects the lumbar region (danger: lumbar spine syndrome).

As a rule, however, it is due to how you treat your body: If you do not move or move too little, your muscles will be weakened. The result: painful tension. As you might have guessed, this is exactly what happens when your body stays in the same posture at your desk for hours on end at work.


too little exercise and posture problems

weak or overworked muscles

disc prolapse

pinched nerves

Joint wear (arthrosis)

bone loss (osteoporosis)

What helps? Bed rest may provide short-term relief from back pain. On the other hand, the intervertebral discs also want to be moved. This is the only way they can be adequately supplied with nutrients. In addition, the muscles are not stressed by lying down for a long time and are therefore undertaxed – just like by sitting for a long time. In that sense, long is never good.

In general, exercise and sport are important and effective in treating and preventing back pain. For example, go swimming (preferably backstroke or crawl) or walk! If your body signals to you that it is under too much strain – it is better to listen to it.

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