Sprained foot, what treatment?

Sprains are particularly common in ball sports such as football or basketball. But even in everyday life, the ankle is quickly twisted. Anyone who has suffered a painful overstretching of the joint components (tendons, ligaments, muscles) needs quick help. How the treatment of a sprain should look like and what symptoms can occur, is summarized here for you.

After a sprain, it is important to treat the joint quickly to minimize discomfort. You should follow these tips:

The affected body part, in most cases the ankle, should be immobilized and elevated. Since the ligaments can also be torn with a sprain, physical activity is not recommended until the diagnosis is made. As long as the pain is bearable, you can perform normally.

Cooling the affected area helps to reduce swelling and relieve pain. Here you should take breaks between cooling phases to avoid frostbite.

A pressure bandage, which is applied using a gauze bandage, for example, also suppresses the swelling and thus has a positive effect on the development of pain.

If the ligaments are only overstretched as a result of a sprain, the symptoms usually subside after a few days: A bandage or splint to immobilize and relieve the foot is then sufficient. The foot can soon be carefully loaded again. With a mild sprain, you can walk normally again in about a week.

If the ligaments are torn or torn, it can take weeks before the foot can fully bear weight again. Then it is usually necessary for at least five weeks to wear a splint or orthosis that limits the movement of the ankle. This is to protect the ligaments so they can grow back together. If the swelling is severe, a cast and forearm walking sticks may also be necessary for relief. If mobility is severely or longer restricted, anti-thrombosis injections can be useful.

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