Is a hunchback bad?

Hunched back is an increased backward curvature of the upper back (thoracic spine). The medical term is “hyperkyphosis”. Excessive kyphosis can be congenital or develop over the course of life. The most common causes for the development of a hunchback are lack of exercise and poor posture, which last for years. Poor posture can also be caused by weak back muscles, being overweight or working in a stooped position for many years.

In older people, a hunchback very often forms as a result of osteoporosis disease. As part of the disease, bone density decreases with increasing age, which leads to porosity and fragility of the bones. The vertebral bodies in particular can then break even under low loads. More precisely, it is a collapse of the vertebral bodies, which results in a shortening and deformation of the spine with a visible curvature of the back. Injuries from a fall or an accident can also be the cause of the formation of a hunchback.

A pronounced deformation of the upper body can cause various complaints. People with a hunched back are unable to maintain an upright posture when standing or sitting, and their mobility is severely restricted. In addition, the function of the internal organs is impaired by the hunched posture. Affected people can therefore have difficulty breathing because the lungs can no longer fully expand due to the restriction in chest volume. Digestive problems and cardiovascular problems can also develop as a result of the changes in the position of the organs in the abdomen.

Depending on the severity of the deformity of the spine, those affected have slight or severe pain in the back, which can radiate into the arms or legs.

In addition, people with increased kyphosis often suffer greatly from their appearance and develop depressive moods up to pronounced depression with above-average frequency.

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