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Sacroiliac joint blockage

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Sacroiliac joint blockage

The right and left sacroiliac joints/iliosacral joints form the moveable connection between the sacral bone (os sacrum) and the ilium (os ilium).

The sacroiliac joint is a tight joint that is not very mobile and has a close-fitting joint cavity.

Fractures and luxations of the sacroiliac joint can occur due to falling, abrupt movements and twisting of the pelvis. Acute and chronic inflammation is possible.

A sacroiliac joint blockage occurs when the mobility of the already tight joint is restricted further or when the position of the joint surfaces relative to each other deviates from the norm.

A sacroiliac joint blockage can occur in both men and women of any age. Around 70 per cent of the German population suffers from a sacroiliac joint blockage (blocked iliosacral joint) at least once in their life.

In most cases, a sacroiliac joint blockage is caused by lifting objects that are too heavy, incorrect lifting or stepping into a void, for example when missing a step or when stumbling on uneven ground.

Certain spinal column problems can increase the risk of developing a sacroiliac joint blockage. Furthermore, operations on the musculoskeletal system, for example on the knee or hip joint, can lead to an imbalance in the area of the sacroiliac joint and therefore to a sacroiliac joint blockage.

A poor, one-sided body posture (e.g. working on the computer) can lead to twisting of the pelvis, therefore increasing the risk of sacroiliac joint blockage.

A one-sided or non-physiological body posture leads to excessive strain on the back. When excessive strain is placed on the back, it responds over time with pain or blockages that can later lead to chronic pain, wear (e.g. herniated discs) or problems in other body regions.

Conventional therapy

In many cases, the blocked joint is adjusted by a chiropractor.

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