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Herniated disc

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Herniated disc

Disc herniation can happen in any part of the spine, but it’s most common in the lower back and neck (the lumbar and cervical spine). These are the flexible parts of the spine, unlike the middle of your back (the thoracic spine), and because they allow for the most movement, they also have the most wear and tear, causing that lost fluid volume.

If the herniation is minimal, or it’s not pressing on a nerve, you might have no symptoms at all. Many people live with some degree of herniation.

For those who have herniations that do affect nerves, pain can be severe and unrelenting. It’s typically felt on one side of the body and may radiate to an arm (if the herniated disc is in the neck) or leg (if a lumbar disc is herniated; sciatica is an example).

Other signs and symptoms of a herniated disc include:

A dull ache on one side of the body

Pain when you cough, sneeze, or move into certain positions

Numbness, tingling, or burning sensations, usually from a compressed nerve.

Pain that’s worse with sitting, but can standing, walking, and bending can worsen the symptoms as well

Muscle weakness or spasm that may affect your ability to lift or hold items

Balance issues or limping due to weakness and/or pain

Slow reflexes

Difficulty getting up from a seated position

Inability to remain in one position for an extended period of time

Poor posture

Loss of bowel or bladder control (which can indicate cauda equina syndrome, a medical emergency)

To figure out if you have a herniated disc, you can first see a chiropractor. A herniated disc will be suspected if low back pain is accompanied by radiating leg pain

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