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Chiropractor in Basel, Lörrach or neighborhood

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Are you looking for a Chiropractor in Basel, Lörrach or sorounding area? Our clinic for Chiropractic is in Rheinfelden, very close to Loerrach and Basel.

Your path to more vitality is our main goal.
Together with you, we want to find the causes responsible for your complaints.
We want you to experience a new bodily sensation and to be able to live as you imagine it.

We listen to you, we care about you and would be happy to meet you.

Good that you have found the way to us.

Chiropractic in times of corona

A well-functioning nervous system is a basic requirement for an intact immune system. Many studies show that people who regularly visit a chiropractor have significantly fewer diesease symptoms. Adjusting your spine is a contribution to better health. The risk of infection is minimized in our practice by the following measures:


  • Use of disinfectants
  • short contact times
  • Refrain from shaking hands
  • Wearing a face mask

What do I offer?

Chiropractor in Basel or surrounding area

I look forward to seeing you in my practice soon.


Promises of healing and the law on advertising for medicinal products

For legal reasons, we particulary point out that none of the services listed by CHIROfamily practice gives the impression that a promise of healing is based on this, or that alleviation or improvement of an illness is guaranteed or promised.

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